​​​​​​"Diane looked after our two cats while we were away. The ages of our cats differ significantly and so do their needs. Diane gave each cat the attention, care and stimulation that they needed and kept us posted with messages, pictures and even little videos. When we came home we found two happy and relaxed cats which is the most important sign that they received very good care. We already booked Diane for our next period away.” ​--Petra W., Forest Hills, TN

“Great! My cat loved the company!” --Sarah C., Antioch, TN​

​​​​​​​​​BOHEMIAN CATSODY, LLC is a professional and well-experienced cat-sitting company.  We do seek exceptional cat sitters to add to our staff from time to time. Cat sitting is a great part-time job for pet lovers who have a warm heart for furry friends but who also understand the importance of providing a clean, safe environment of low stress for our clients' homes and cats.  If you are warm, patient, gentle, kind, fun, and highly responsible with some hours available each week, then we would love to hear from you!

Nashville locations needed:
Antioch, LaVergne, Cane Ridge, Lenox Village, Nolensville, Creive Hall, Brentwood, Green Hills, and Sylvan Park.

Hours & pay:
Length of visits vary, the following is our pay scale:

20 minute visit = $10.00

30 minute visit = $12.50

We do not pay for your time to or from the visits.  We also do not reimburse for gas, although this and several other expenses are tax deductible and we can help you to understand these write-offs if needed.  We make an effort to assign sitters to visits close to their homes to cut down on travel time and expenses.


  • Must be able to pass a criminal/background check
  • Must be conscientious and detail oriented
  • Must be great handling people AND pets
  • Must love, have owned & have experience with pets
  • Must be committed, available, and reliable as our clients rely heavily on our flexibility
  • Must be reasonably available during holidays and summers (our busiest times)
  • Must have reliable transportation  
  • Must be comfortable walking and driving at night or in the dark
  • Must be comfortable traveling in inclement weather
  • Must be able to climb stairs, bend over to scoop litter, replenish food and water, and interact or care for pets
  • Must be comfortable with cat hair and handling cat waste and foods
  • Must be able to text via phone and ideally possess a smart phone to access our software in the course of daily rounds
  • Must be excellent and professional with communication in person, on the phone, in email, or texting
  • Must be smoke free

Professional cat sitting is incredibly rewarding but requires a strong, independent work ethic.  Also, these are part-time positions.  We deliberately start sitters slowly with just one or two clients and then add more as you prove your trustworthiness and skills in safely handling cats.  This is ideal for those who are retired, stay-at-home mom, student, or have other reliable income.

Next steps:
Please use the form below to provide important information on your qualifications for being a great cat sitter.  Your location is important to know since we like to keep visits close to the sitter's home.  At the end you can upload a resume if you have one, every little bit helps but send the form anyway even if you don't have a current resume.

We will get back to you as soon as we can.  Thank you for applying!


“We came home to two very happy cats thanks to Diane and Bohemian Catsody! Our little babes love their humans and to play so it's always a worry when we need to travel. From the daily text and video updates, we knew they were thriving at home and that we were very likely missing them more than they were missing us.” – Kristin W., Antioch, TN

CALL: 615-624-2861